5 Financial Lessons Learned from Playing Final Fantasy Game

After playing through Final Fantasy II again, I learned how much I learned about money through this game and others. There are a lot of efficient applications in games related to personal finance. 

Below are 5 money lessons that I learned from playing Final Fantasy games.  

More Stuff Isn’t Always Better: So as I’m playing Final Fantasy again, I’m learning to purge the things I don’t need. Thankfully, this is much easier virtually than in real life, where you have to host a garage sale or list on the Facebook marketplace or Craigslist.  

Have a Plan For Your Money 

Overall, Final Fantasy games taught me that you have to earn money, manage it wisely, and be selective in your purchases to achieve success in the game. Common sense stuff now, but we all have to start learning somewhere.  

Video Game Spending Habits Foreshadow Real Life Spending Habit

I’ve realized that the way I spent money on video games is similar to how I spend money today. Overall I like to play it safe and do my best to minimize risk. You’ll find me investing in a good old index fund over bitcoin any day of the week.  

Spend Money (Gil) on Experiences 

Give me a few minutes playing a fun Chocobo race over some random single spell that’s going to sit at the bottom of my item list until finishing the game. Similarly, I’d much rather take a vacation in real life than upgrade to a nicer vehicle.