25 Best Money Saving Apps

Looking to save serious dough? Want to monitor your money with the best? Or invest in the future with the case? 

Our list of the best money savings apps is just for you. We talk about the best banking and investing apps. We discuss apps that cut your bills and even negotiate lower fees on your behalf. 


Ibotta is a cashback savings app that provides shopper rewards in a few different ways. First, Ibotta has partnered with specific stores and provides cashback rewards on a constant rotation of those stores' products. Second, many of those stores also have Ibotta rewards tied to the simple act of using those stores' loyalty programs. 


Shopkick uses your phone's geolocation to “check-in” the specific businesses for rewards. You can also use Shopkick to scan barcodes for specific product-based rewards. These rewards are called “kicks.” 


RetailMeNot is a terrific money-saving app that provides access to product deals, discounts, storewide sales, rebates, and coupons. You can use the app to filter on any axis you like—based on store, product, location, etc. Once you apply that filter and perform your search, RetailMeNot will provide many money-saving options that meet your criteria. 


With your permission, Paribus scans your emails for purchase confirmations. The app then determines if you've made those purchases at the best possible price. If you could've saved money elsewhere, the app will either 1) let you know or 2) automatically attempt to cancel your order and re-buy the product at a lower price.