10 Money-Saving Hacks to Cut Your Travel Costs

According to a Forbes Advisor/OnePoll survey, 91% of Americans said inflation has negatively affected their travel plans. As a result, people are being forced to travel less and cancel or postpone their existing vacation plans due to mounting inflationary pressure on household budgets.

When looking across all the elements of a vacation, such as transportation, accommodations, food, and activities, there are strategies to shave costs off each one.

Here are travel-saving hacks at the trip planning stage and ideas for responsible spending at your destination.

Use Apps and Credit Card Points

Free shopping apps, such as Fetch Rewards, are a way to earn gift cards with little effort to help reduce travel costs. Download the app on your Apple or Android device and scan your shopping receipts for points.

Travelers looking for a deal need to be flexible with dates and times when searching. For example, early morning or red-eye flights are well-known to be less expensive, as well as traveling during the weekdays rather than on the weekend.

Keep Travel Dates Flexible

Search Incognito and in the Afternoon

Websites also track these searches and intentionally increase prices to motivate people to book their tickets quickly.

There have never been more accommodation options for travelers. Between standard hotels, Airbnbs, local vacation rental websites, timeshares, and hostels, there is a wide variety of price points to choose from.

Consider All Types of Accommodations

Some websites offer package deals such as flight, hotel, and car rentals, which can be less expensive than booking everything individually. It's worth pricing out different packages and comparing them when shopping.

Consider Package Deals

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