17 Exciting Money Savings Challenges To Help You Save Happily

The first step to financial ruin is the inability to reserve a part of your income for rainy days that, more often than not, actually happens.

So, how do you reconcile a lack of motivation to save and the need to save? A money savings challenge bridges the gap between the need to save and a lack of motivation because it brings all the fun into savings. 

After thorough consideration, you can proceed to select the savings challenge you'll like to participate in, and here are some of my top picks:

With the 52-week money challenge, you get to save $1 the first week and keep adding a dollar per week. The entire amount at the end of the year will be $1,378. You can switch this up by increasing your savings if your income accommodates such changes.

The 52-week money challenge

For the 100 envelope challenge, you save an equivalent amount of money in a labeled envelope for 100 days. If the envelope is labeled 50, you put in $50; if 2, you put in $2. It means the highest savings is $100 and the lowest is $1.

100 envelope challenge

For three months, a daily saving of $5 will add up to $450. Try keeping up with it in a year, and you will get $1,825 in savings.

$5 daily challenge

Do you have spare change lying around? Or do you get change from your grocery purchases? You can save them. Get a piggy bank for coins, a money envelope, or a money box, and keep the spare change over a period. 

The spare change challenge

Like the 52-week savings challenge, the 26-week challenge lets you save every two weeks. So, instead of saving every week, you can extend the timeline to two weeks, but you have to increase the deposit.

26-week savings challenge

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