Hacks Savvy Adults Use to Reduce Their Monthly Bills

When it comes to combating these rising prices, we here at Wealth of Geeks recommend looking at your monthly bills to find savvy ways to save money.

Here are some obvious – and not so obvious! – hacks that smart adults use to reduce their monthly bills.

While having plenty of choices is great, the truth is that you’re probably paying for too many of these services.

Cut Down on Streaming Services You’re Subscribed to

So take a good look at what services you’ve signed up for, decide what you can stop subscribing to, and start enjoying the extra money you’ll find in your wallet each month.

Many companies charge a convenience fee for these recurring payments as a way to offset the cost of offering the service in the first place. In fact, reports reveal that the average convenience fee for each payment is usually in the $1.50 to $4.00 range.

Start Paying Bills Through Your Bank

Most banks give you the ability to take advantage of their own bill pay feature right on their app. It’s a simple process that requires the basic information of the bill you wish to pay followed by a seamless transfer from your bank account – all without any extra fees.

Check with individual cell phone companies for their respective offers, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the savings. T-Mobile, for example, currently offers 4-line family plans starting from $105 per month – an amount that is $20 less than the average single cell phone bill in 2021.

Make the Switch to a Family Plan

Here’s the best part: you don’t need to be related to be a part of a family plan! A family plan can consist of anyone – friends and coworkers can join in on the savings as well.

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