The Many Personalities of Moon Knight

In truth, the comics version of Moon Knight has a myriad of personalities that have emerged over the character’s nearly 60’s years of history.

Most of the Moon Knight stories – whether he’s in his own book, Werewolf by Night (getting its own Disney+ special later this year), West Coast Avengers, or Midnight Sons – focus on the 6 principle identities of the undead Fist of Khonshu.

Here are the 6 Prime Personalities in Moon Knight:

Steven Grant

As the series progresses, it’s obvious why his personality is important – despite that weird accent Oscar Issac forces out – he is the archaeological brains of the operation.

Marc Spector

While Marc is the first face we meet in the comics, in the show, he’s largely relegated to glimpses in mirrored surfaces – well executed by both Isaac and director Mohamed Diab.

Mr. Night

He generally emerges when the hero needs to interact with police and civilians in need, without scaring the bejesus out of them.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight is more than just the suit. He’s embodied with invulnerability and several of the powers of Khonshu – at least when the god permits it.

Jake Lockley

Lockley is rough around the edges, but not particularly violent, although it is entirely possible that the TV series adaptors reworked him in a similar fashion to the new iteration of Steven Grant.

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