Review: ‘Moonfall’ is a Fun Mess With a Crash Landing

What if the moon was actually a megastructure? That’s one of the main questions that Moonfall poses and if you’re wondering exactly what a megastructure is, don’t expect for the movie to explain that well. 

Director and co-writer Roland Emmerich’s films are known for being dumb fun, the kind of good bad movie that you can enjoy even though it’s low quality. But Moonfall is a mess and while it’s certainly fun at times, the ending is its own disaster. 

The science fiction film, co-written by Harald Kloser and Spenser Cohen, actually has a strong first act. It starts in 2011 with astronauts Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson) and Jo Fowler (Halle Berry) bickering like a married couple over the correct words to “Africa” by Toto. 

However, they’re soon attacked by an unknown force that kills another crew member and knocks Jo unconscious. 

18 months later, Brian is in disgrace after going through a trial against NASA because no one believes him that human error or a normal space occurrence wasn’t the cause of the tragedy. 

His son, in particular, is struggling with his father’s fall from grace and when the film jumps forward to ten years later, it’s Sonny (Charlie Plummer) who is on a sharp decline as the teenager is being arrested after a high-speed car chase.