More Thrifting Among Americans: Here’s How Much They Are Saving

Retailers are passing on the cost of inflation to their customers, and those shoppers are taking matters into their own hands.

As operating costs rise, businesses must raise prices to maintain margins and continue to profit.

According to a survey of 1000 retail owners and executives, 56% of retail enterprises believe inflation has given them the freedom to raise prices above what is necessary to cover higher costs. Over half of retailers have raised prices by 20% or more on average.

According to recent research from OfferUp, an online marketplace for used goods, Americans now spend as much time online shopping as they do perusing social media.

Consumers Go the “Thriftway”

Thrifters are mostly focused on sustainability, in addition to the apparent objective of saving money to fight inflation.

The Eco-Friendliness of Thrifting

The knowledge that you can stick to a defined style makes thrifting cool, even among young people. Of course, you never know what you will find when thrifting, but you can be sure that there's always something that suits your style.

Thrifting for Style

According to Vlasaty, she saves anything from $5 to $150. “It just depends on what I'm purchasing and where,” she says.

How Much Can You Save Thrifting

In recent years, purchasing used clothing has lost its social stigma. There are a lot of data available online that shows how much clothing ends up in landfills.

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