The Most Addictive Series Since Bridgerton

Fans of the show and the book have a long time to wait until the next season airs but fret not, Dear Readers! You can scratch your Bridgerton itch by checking out these Regency Romance series.

First is the fantastic series that Netflix's Bridgerton is based on. Season 2 of the hit show followed Anothony and Kate's love story, featured in the book: The Viscount Who Loved Me. 

The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn

A League of Extraordinary Women by Evie Dunmore

The series follows a group of Suffragettes as they navigate the fight for women's rights and their own love stories.

This book is the first of a series of the “Girl Meets Duke” books; if you love all the regency romance tropes in Bridgerton, then you will love this series! This book is funny and enjoyable.

The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare

Cold-Hearted Rake: The Ravenels Series by Lisa Kleypa

Lisa Kleypas is a prolific writer who is extremely popular, and you can't go wrong with any of her books or series set in Regency England.

Did you like the family dynamics in Bridegerton? Why not try this series in Regency England with big, sprawling, and (lovably) meddling families.

The Wicked Groom by April Kihlstrom

There are eleven books in Julie Anne Long's Pennyroyal Green series that alternate between the members of two intertwined families who have a long-standing feud.

The Perils of Pleasure by Julie Anne Long

There are secrets, spies, brothers, and a strong lady at the drama's center.

The Rejected Suitor by Teresa McCarthy

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