Main Characters Fans Hate Sympathizing With

Every movie has a protagonist who the film revolves around. A good protagonist can make an average movie stand out. Likewise, a bad protagonist affects the movie in such a way that fans may still hate it, even if there's a great plotline.

But sometimes, the protagonist of the movie or TV show ends up being worse than the characters you're actually supposed to hate.

Here are a couple of others Reddit suggested.

According to one critic, Emily “barely suffers” from the consequences of her actions. “Sleeping with a friend's partners and still remains friends with both of them openly. Screws up business opportunities, nothing besides a slap on the wrists, and somehow, it's magically resolved.”

Emily, Emily in Paris

“Mark is a rich kid who has parents that love him but he runs off to cosplay as someone who is poor to make ‘films' which is really just him pointing his camera at poor people all day."

Mark, Rent

"He doesn't think he should have to pay rent to Benny because they were friends and he let them stay for free for a long time and he thinks that should just last forever? Then he finally gets a job but quits because it was ‘selling out'.”

I remember reading a list that called The Notebook one of the greatest romance movies ever, Titanic-level great. I went into it with high hopes but only ended up slightly disappointed and underwhelmed.

Noah, The Notebook

One of the reasons I felt that way was because of the main character, who I found really obnoxious! One Redditor described Noah as “that dude,” so I can only assume a lot more people feel that way about him, too.

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