The Most Hated Gameplay Mechanics in Video Game History

Twitter user Chris Scullion @scully1888 took to Twitter to ask fellow gamers about their least favorite gameplay mechanics.

Chris tweeted, “What gameplay mechanics kill your interest dead when you discover a game has them? For me it's tower defense, crafting and deck-building (anything that's slow or takes the control away from me, basically).”

Here is how fellow gamers responded.

When The Goal Is Too Obvious

@allyhumphreys responded: “When your objective is too clearly signposted. I gave up on Splinter Cell for this reason. The first 2/3 games were great, then it got too easy.”

@NoMagRyan shared, “Laboured tutorials that disable all the controls until they've explained them to you one by one annoy the piss out of me.”

Long-winded Tutorials

Never-ending Intros

@KateronaBiscuit doesn't like a game with, “A long intro that doesn’t let me press anything. I want to game and not watch a movie. I love the stories in games but they need to be set up whilst being able to play.”

“I want to like Disco Elysium, but I get paralysis worrying that I'm going to miss something. Does anyone like being put into a beautiful world and then told they've got 10 minutes to do everything?”

Stressful Time Limits

@bobbjackdotme chimed in, “I would say “chase sequences” because I think they suck, but I usually persist anyway. For example, I hate them in Ori and the Blind Forest, but the rest of the game is so good it doesn't quite kill it for me!”

Dreaded Chase Sequences

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