10 Most Irritating Fanbases That Annoy Everyone

Are there any fan bases that annoy the living daylights out of you? I mean, like so obnoxious it boggles your mind? Get in line!

One Reddit user asked, “What is the most annoying fan base?” And over 25,000 people responded. So here are the top-voted choices according to Reddit.

FinalGamer14 shared, “My current boss is a massive Mush fanboy. To the point where it's freaking annoying everything we do, he tries to compare to what Musk would do.”

Elon Musk's Fanbase – 8.6K

They elaborated, “His approach to the company is What would Musk do? And this is so bad that I'm searching for a new job. It's annoying and makes the workspace very toxic. To the point where in the last two years, seven people have quit.”

When many people asked what the heck a Gatcha fan was, Redditor poisonous-pickle12 informed, It's like an Original Character (OC) building the app, the app itself it's good, and you can make good things with it, but its fandom (8-13 yo girls) who make annoying stories.”

Gacha Life Fans – 9.1K

Redditor funkgerm added, “The worst are the ones that have just a superficial knowledge of tech/finance and rattle off buzzwords they learned watching some random shill's YouTube video.”

Crypto-Bros – 10.2K

They joked, “Bro, you gotta get into WhateverCoin (WC). It's going to be the next Bitcoin killer in every way. IMO, Bitcoin's gas fees are just way too high, man, and the tech is so outdated.”

MiniatureAppendixAs stated, “As a Taylor Swift fan of 15+ years who knows every word to every song, dang, her fans can be awful. I listen to her music and actively avoid the rest of the fan base.”

Swifties – 12.7K

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