Hilarious Sitcom Flops That Will Make You Cringe

Is there a fan base for a sitcom that you do not understand? Do you believe their hype for a show is misplaced? You've got company.

After someone in an online forum asked, “What are the most overrated sitcoms of all time,” people responded with these top-voted responses.

Married With Children

Many users agreed, “I found it super unfunny, but at the time, that was a big step from the cheesy fake wholesome tone of family sitcoms that sustained for decades.”

Everybody Loves Raymond

“Yes! What an awful, unfunny show with despicable, unfunny, unlikable characters. My wife has this on the TV frequently, so I've seen a lot of episodes of it, which is terrible. I cannot remember laughing one single time at any point.”

How I Met Your Mother

“I tried to like this show for a friend, but I couldn't get into it. The humor is character-driven, and all the characters sucked except Marshall, so I never found it funny.”

Full House

Many agreed with the sentiment, “The problem is, it aged poorly, and the sequel highlighted that. I don't think I even made it through a single episode.”

Mrs. Brown's Boys

Mrs. Brown's Boys is like Coldplay. You rarely meet anyone who admits to liking them, yet somehow, they get all the numbers.”


Man, Reddit loves to hate Friends. So it's no surprise they made this list. However, I'm honestly shocked it didn't rank higher. Nonetheless, many people discussed the characters being annoying, the jokes being obvious, and the fans being over-the-top.

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