29 Most Profitable Crafts To Sell And Make Money

Knowing crafts that make the most money can be confusing, so this article will discuss the most profitable crafts to sell and where to sell them. 

We’ll cover everything from jewelry to scarves and cute child bows. Trust me; you’re going to fall in love with these crafts!

Braided Bracelet

Even with the constant changes in fashion, bracelets are popular with customers of all age groups. This braided bracelet is a great DIY idea to earn from.

Mason Jar Flower Vase

This farmhouse-inspired mason jar flower vase is perfect for small spaces. As a confessed flower addict myself, I can confirm that people LOVE cute flower vases!

Clay Diffuser Necklace

The oil scents gently diffuse with the warmth of your skin. This cute necklace will sell well at craft fairs and on Etsy and other online platforms. 

Reading Pillow

Reading pillows are so popular right now! It’s easy to learn how to make them, and by the end of it, you will have an elegant idea that every reader will love.

Eyeglass Case

I’ve witnessed many successful Etsy sellers doing well by selling eyeglass cases in their shops. Any glass wearer will appreciate this thing of beauty. They’re small and light, making them easy to ship.


If you want a sewing project that will fetch you good money right now, look no further than Scrunchies. They are pretty cheap in terms of supplies needed, and you can make them in your free time.

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