13 Most Ruthless Diss Tracks in The History of Hip-Hop

Civilians file lawsuits to settle disputes. In the WWE, they wrestle it out, and medieval rival swordsmen engaged in a fight to the death.

Well, rappers deal with feuds through the very thing they love most — music. And like 21 Savage, it ain't nothing new.

Gear up, folks. It's a blistering bloodbath with Canibus and the D.O. Double G. on the list of thirteen brutal diss tracks.

It's funny how money change a situation / miscommunication lead to complications, Hill opens with, stating later on: Now some might mistake this for just a simple song.

Lost Ones (1998), Lauryn Hill

But it was no simple song, as it addressed her relationship with her former fellow bandmate, Wyclef Jean of the Hip-Hop group Fugees. L-Boogie, as she is fondly called, attributed the cause of their stormy relationship to their hugely successful careers.

As vicious as ever, ‘Pac dropped a “fat” hint on who he'd planned to hit up in the first line. The Biggie — Tupac beef was as old as time and never went stale — even till the time of ‘Pac's death.

Hit ‘Em Up (1996), Tupac

A wise man once said, “even the cruelest disses come from a place of pain, not hate.” Tupac and Biggie Smalls, a.k.a Notorious B.I.G., once had an enviable bond. Tupac was Biggie's idol, and Biggie (an up-and-coming emcee at the start of their relationship) was Pac's protégé.

But the day they robbed and shot Tupac in Quad Studios marked the end of their friendship, as Tupac believed Biggie masterminded the attack.

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