10 Most Terrifying Movie Villains –

Because They Were Actually Right

Redditor u/Chadderbug123 asked, “What villain was terrifying because they were right?” And over 17,000 people had something to say.

So here are the top ten voted villains that are the most terrifying because they are right.

Redditor lel1988 stated, “Bobby Heenan spent the 80s telling us how awful and selfish Hulk Hogan was. And he was proven absolutely correct in 1996. In hindsight, Heenan was trying to save us all from the inevitable scourge of Hollywood Hogan.”

Bobby Heenan – 12K Votes

SideQuestWriter87 answered, “General Hummel from The Rock. User sonic_tower agreed. He is a literal terrorist, but he gets sympathy from almost every character in the movie, including those trying to stop him. He was a loyal leader who made concrete demands and never intended to kill anyone.”

General Hummel – 12.9K Votes

RealisticEmployment3 suggested, “Dooku is a nuanced character. Even though he was Sith, he never fully submitted to the dark side. He also recognized the Jedi had become ineffectual at solving problems, and the republic was bloated and corrupt.”

Count Dooku – 13.7K Votes

User sonic_tower answered, “Magneto. He knew humans' hate for mutants and wasn't as blindly optimistic as Xavier. True Malcolm X of the mutant rights movement.”

Magneto – 14K Votes

Redditor percolin2007 stated, “AUTO From WALL-E. It was one of the only almost perfectly executed ‘ai' villains. He never talks unless needed because he wasn't programmed with malicious motives and did everything efficiently.”

AUTO – 14.7K Votes

Chatty_Monkey_Don nominated “The Replicants from Blade Runner. They were enslaved and given artificially short lives. They just wanted to live and be free.”

The Replicants – 14.8K Votes

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