12 Most Underrated TV Shows That Are Surprisingly Awesome

Are you tired of watching the same ole same ole? Redditor u/No_Society_4065 asked, “What are some unpopular TV shows that surprised you with how good they were? I've hardly seen anyone recommend or mention the TV series: Incorporated."

"It was amazing. Coupling is one of the hilarious TV series which is also not popular.” Redditors responded with these lesser revered television gems.

Station Eleven is a post-apocalyptic dystopian miniseries documenting twenty years after a flu pandemic wiped out most of civilization. The survivors get by as traveling street performers but encounter a sinister cult. 

Station 11

The Americans is an American period spy drama during the Cold War. It follows the story of two Soviet Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (KGB) intelligence officers who pose as a married couple.

The Americans

Sneaky Pete is a crime drama series following a released convict who adopts the identity of his cellmate to avoid his past life. However, after reuniting with his estranged family, they threaten to drag him into a dangerous world as precarious as the one he's escaping. 

Sneaky Pete

The Looming Tower traces the rising threat of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda in the nineties. Moreover, it sheds light on how a rivalry between the FBI and CIA may have inadvertently set the path for the 9/11 tragedy. 

The Looming Tower

Wayne is an action comedy TV series from the writers of Deadpool. It follows a teenage boy and the girl he has a crush on as he sets out to retrieve his late father's stolen car. 


Messiah is a thriller television series centering on the modern world's reaction to a man first appearing in the Middle East. His followers believe him to be the eschatological return of ʿĪsā (Jesus in Arabic).


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