This Generation is the Most Unhappy at Work, Study Find

There is a generational divide happening in the United States workforce, and you might be surprised at who is most unhappy with their jobs. 

GoodHire measured workplace happiness among 4,000 workers across multiple generations, and it found that Generation Z, or 18-24-year-olds, are the most unhappy at work. 

More than 20% of Generation Z’ers said that they hate their jobs. And, nearly seven in 10 admitted that they are not satisfied with their work-life balance. Baby Boomers finished a close second, with 63% reporting dissatisfaction with their jobs. 

Why Do So Many Young People Dislike Their Jobs?

It could be due to unrealistic expectations about what their jobs mean to them. 

Almost everyone surveyed preferred a 4-day workweek, and very few said they were satisfied with their compensation. 

The GoodHire study found that 68% of Millennials are happier working remotely.  

Baby Boomers, at 37%, are the least happy with remote work. 

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