Most Visited Places To Travel and Work From Home

Scrolling through your social media feeds might lead you to believe that everyone you know is on a trip to an idyllic location.  

If you want to travel and work from home, there are a few things to remember when picking a location and place to stay.

Most Visited Locations in the US to Work From Home

New York City (NYC) is the most visited city in the United States, according to WorldAtlas. NYC had 10,288,000 visitors pre-COVID-19 in 2019.

New York City, New York

The impact on the tourism-related industry in NYC is unpredictable, as stated by NY State resorts, but it has slowly been getting more visitors post-pandemic.

Another popular location to visit in the United States is Orlando and its surrounding areas. According to the Visit Orlando data, 59,301 million people have visited this year alone.

Orlando, Florida

If you are a fan of going to theme parks, Orlando is home to seven of them, including Universal Studios Orlando, Walt Disney World, and SeaWorld Orlando.

Honolulu had 2,751,000 visitors in 2019, as reported by WorldAtlas. When visiting Honolulu, travelers can enjoy volcanoes, beaches, historical attractions, and wildlife all in one area.

Honolulu, Hawaii

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