The Motley Fool Review: Is Their Stock Advisor Program Legit?

While The Motley Fool offers a plethora of free content, guides, and news — one of the company's staples is its Stock Advisor Program. 

The Stock Advisor program is a membership service that offers stock picks and recommendations to their subscribers to help them invest wisely. 

The program's goal is to make it easy for beginner investors to get started picking the right stocks and improving their results. 

What's cool about The Motley Fool's approach to picking stocks is its blend of strategy and information. They aren't just throwing random stocks out there, getting paid to push a stock, or choosing a hot industry. 

Here are just a few recommendations they made to their members before the stocks took off: Hasbro, Bookings, Disney, Amazon, Costco, eBay, United Health, and Netflix. 

Many of which, their first recommendations, came in the early 2000s before any significant price gains. 

Quite the track record gives you an idea of the kind of companies and stocks they look at for their members.