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Top 10 States Where People Are Ready For a Move

Whether it’s job or freelance prospects, politics or needing to downsize with the changing economy, one in five people moved or knew someone who did.

Here are the top 10 states where people were searching for options to move.

The study revealed that South Carolina ranks highest among the states for people searching the Internet for tips of moving from one house to another this year. With a total search score of 522, the 23rd most populous state ranked highly on the list, for having a smaller population.

South Carolina

North Carolina

With a total search score of 521, North Carolina is the second state most interested in moving. It has the third highest proportion of the population searching for the term “move home.” The State is eleventh highest for the search term “sell home.”

Arkansas is in the third spot with a 518 total search score. The Natural State has the highest level of searches for the terms “move house” and “move home.”


And guess where they want to relocate? The Lone Star State, Texas! The state has excellent public schools, top tech cities, and no state income tax. The low home prices in the region save money on your home ownership journey – it’s no wonder why people want to move to Texas.

Although the state ranks fourth based on the total search score, Georgia has the third-highest proportion of its population searching for both the terms' move house' and ‘sell house.' The Peach State ranks 11th for the search term ‘buy house.' contributing to its overall score of 517.



With the twelfth highest search volume ranking for “move house” and eighteenth for “sell house,” Alabama is the fifth state in terms of being most interested in moving between houses this year. The Heart of Dixie has a total search score of 514.

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