The Most Disturbing Scenes in Film That You Won’t Believe Made It to The Screen

There are movie scenes that are just too heartbreaking to watch. Scenes where you close your eyes and hope it passes by fast.

Most scenes from Me Before You are too hard to watch – I just skip right through!

Recently, someone in an online movie forum asked, “Which movie scene is really hard to sit through and watch?” And these are the scenes in these movies that Redditors can't stand or sit to watch.


u/Arcon__ shared, “That movie is not only a great horror movie, it simultaneously validates and hits home in an extremely uncomfortable if accurate way for me as someone with serious mental illness in the family.”

“When Will Smith has to smother the dog as it turns in I Am Legend,” a Redditor said. Another replied, “I lost my dog the same week I went to watch that in theaters. That scene d–n near broke me.”

I Am Legend

Saving Private Ryan

“For me, it is when the medic is dying after attacking the machine gun nest. All those soldiers standing around absolutely helpless,” DramaticWesley replied.

u/Publandlady posted, “I leave when Mr. Jingles chases the thread bobbin, and again for the execution scene gone wrong. I've seen both scenes once. Don't need to see that again.”

Green Mile

“The kidnapping scene. It left me dizzy and stressed out. The most amazing build-up of tension I’ve ever experienced. Never wanna see it again,” u/AlanZero said.

Nocturnal Animals

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