Top 13 Movies and Shows for Taylor Swift Fan

Movies and Shows Featuring Taylor:

Hannah Montana: The Movie (Disney+)

Though Taylor’s cameo in Hannah Montana: The Movie is brief, it’s full of little tidbits for Swifties. Her song “Crazier” was her first-ever contribution to a soundtrack – though it was actually written before she was approached to take part.

The Hunger Games (Netflix)

Though it wasn’t the first time Taylor appeared on a movie soundtrack, The Hunger Games is notable because Taylor contributed two songs to the film. “Eyes Open” was the first single from the companion soundtrack, and her other track, “Safe and Sound,” featuring The Civil Wars, is one of the few non-instrumental tracks included in the movie.

Letters to Juliet (Netflix)

I’m going to recommend this delightful Amanda Seyfried-starring rom-com set in and around Verona, Italy, featuring Juliet’s house as a central location. Taking the song to its literal extreme, “Love Story” plays over the trailer and plays during the climax of the film.

Cats (Amazon Prime)

Please stick with me here. While the movie may not have been well received, I’d argue that it has rewatch value for sheer camp enjoyment, even if Jellicle cats at the Jellicle Ball isn’t really your jam. When the film was restructured to focus more on Victoria, the newcomer to the gang of cats, the character needed a solo.

Bridgerton (Netflix)

One such scene, in the middle of “Swish,” the series’ sixth episode, sees Simon and Daphne Hastings…making the most of their newlywed life. The scene is scored by the Vitamin String Quartet’s cover of Taylor’s “Wildest Dreams,” one of many contemporary pop songs they cover for the show. I guarantee you won’t be able to hear the song the same way again.

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