10 Movies Classified as Rotten That Are Actually Good

Critics: they have opinions, and sometimes they are wrong. Many films have been panned on Rotten Tomatoes as Rotten but are actually at least marginally Fresh (over 60%).

Here are some of the most underrated supposedly-rotten-but-actually-decent movies on RT. They are listed from the highest (but still low) Rotten Tomatoes score down to the absolute nadir of critical contempt.

Spaceballs (1987)

It’s pretty great to watch Jewish people finally get a chance to conquer all of space, especially while recognizing that (with notable Jews like Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher) they’d been there all the time.

The Last Dragon (1985)

The film imagines a world of African-American-owned authentic Italian pizza parlors and jive-talking Chinese-Americans, in which people are defined by what they love rather than by the niche they’re supposed to occupy.

Underwater (2020)

If you tire of action movies that pretend you’re there for quips or meaningful interpersonal drama or something other than the action, though, this is the stylish geyser of adrenaline you’re looking for.

Salome’s Last Dance (1988)

Russell’s own fascination with decadence, gender-bending, morality as aesthetics, and aesthetics as morality fit perfectly with the source material.

Mr. Right (2015)

Paco Cabezas’ Mr. Right was taken to task by many critics for mixing incompatible genres; it’s a rom-com and a Tarantino-esque hip violent hitman narrative. That’s a big part of why this film is so lovable.

The Descent (2007)

It’s a heartbreaking movie about how sexual violence severs survivors from themselves and how the desire for retribution is natural but also an expression of trauma. Descent is a hard movie to watch.

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