Best Movies on Netflix Right Now

With a streaming catalog mixed between Netflix original movies and endless amounts of well-known movies like It, The Departed, and Titanic, there’s no shortage of potential viewing options when it comes to Netflix’s impressive lineup of movies.

Here are some of the movies you can currently find streaming on Netflix that we’d recommend checking out.

From the legendary filmmaker behind such gangster epics as Goodfellas, Casino, and Gangs of New York, comes this 2006 crime drama exploring loyalty and deception in Boston’s criminal underworld.

Crime: The Departed

Upon its release in 1979, Life of Brian won heaps of praise for its comedic elements, but significant controversy from the religious community, who accused the film of blasphemy.

Comedy: Monty Python’s Life of Brian

Taken from Stephen King’s bestselling novel of the same name, it’s a dark, grim, and frightening look at one of the Master of Horror’s most horrific creations.

Horror: It

An unexpectedly entertaining movie that came pretty much out of nowhere, The Mitchells vs. the Machines was a wonderfully-crafted exploration of family, strengthened by great voice acting, action, and humor.

Family: The Mitchells vs. the Machines

An intense look at the often murky waters of anonymous dating apps, The Tinder Swindler tells the story of several woman who become involved with what they initially believe to be the man of their dreams — a charming, wealthy, international playboy who conned them out of millions of dollars.

Documentary: The Tinder Swindler

Set in the modern day, four Black veterans return to the Vietnamese countryside in an effort to locate the remains of their fallen comrade (Chadwick Boseman) and a stash of gold they left behind.

Action/War: Da 5 Bloods

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