25 Movies You Can Only Watch Once Because They’ll Destroy You

Some movies can leave such a profound impact on us that we can't bear watching them again. Ever. These films stay with us long after the credits roll, haunting our thoughts and leaving us emotionally shattered.  

Here, we've compiled a list of 25 movies deemed one-time experiences by viewers on an online forum who have been through the emotional wringer. 

Irreversible (2002)

The film haunted them and messed up their psyche. This French thriller takes its audience on a dark and disturbing journey through time, exploring themes of violence and revenge. 

Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995)

A coming-of-age film that portrays the harsh realities of adolescence, this movie hits hard with its unflinching portrayal of bullying and social isolation.  

Johnny Got His Gun (1971)

This thought-provoking war film tells the story of a soldier who becomes a quadruple amputee and loses his ability to see, speak, and hear. 

Come and See (1985)

Set during World War II, this Soviet film depicts the horrors of war through the eyes of a young boy. It is a harrowing experience that leaves viewers in pieces.  

Into the Wild (2007)

Though it is a beautiful and inspiring film, it is also heartbreaking. It is precisely that kind of movie that will leave you questioning your existence and the pursuit of happiness. 

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

A found-footage horror film that revolutionized the genre, this movie immerses viewers in a terrifying tale of a group of students lost in the woods. The only problem with this beautiful movie is that it is a bloody horror film. 

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