The Best Movies To See in Theaters – New Movies Out Now

September marks the beginning of a whole new season. With it, comes the emergence of a brand-new wave of movies, many of which will see their initial release this coming weekend.

While the season of summer blockbusters seems to be at an end, there are still plenty of movies left to look forward to that will hit theaters throughout the remainder of summer into autumn.

Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. is an inventive, humorous, and at times biting social satire on religious groups, led by winning performances from Hall and Brown.

Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul.

A survival thriller in the same mold as Jaws and The Grey, Beast is a fun albeit slightly silly monster movie that may be short on logic, but still an entertaining movie overall.


It’s been seven long years since we’ve seen George Miller after his 2014 genre-bending apocalyptic action movie, Mad Max: Fury Road. Now, the Australian filmmaker returns with his most recent directorial effort, the fantasy film Three Thousand Years of Longing.

Three Thousand Years of Longing

For its pure grittiness, Burial has earned more positive attention from early critics, many of whom have positively lauded the film for its maturity, tone, and underlying messages.


Seeing another Dragon Ball film release is always a point of excitement for hardcore anime buffs, and luckily, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero more than manages to live up to the high expectations set by fans.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

The plot may be overarchingly similar to the first Orphan, but Orphan: First Kill embraces the campiness of its horror roots, not taking itself nearly as seriously as the original movie.

Orphan: First Kill

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