10 Terrifying Movies That Will Make You Want to Sleep With The Lights On

All horror fans (myself included) love the feeling of being scared, but the more you watch, the more you become used to the usual filmmaking tricks that might make you happy to have roommates. One horror fan on Reddit, recently asked for some terrifying recommendations.  

They said they’d “seen a lot of horror” and were looking for something new to watch because they “want[ed] to be scared s***less.” They specified that they wanted something with “Jump scares and paranormal if possible.” As usual, other Redditors took to the task and offered a variety of horrifying films.  


The Spanish film follows a local news crew at an apartment building where they are covering an emergency only to be quarantined as an infectious disease spreads through the people in the building. 


From a classic handheld found footage film to a mid-pandemic update, another user suggested Host. Host is a film in the still new “screenlife” genre, in which all of the action of a movie takes place on a computer screen. 


The film is an experimental feature film that doesn’t show any characters faces and is largely composed of incredibly grainy shots of dark walls and hallways as two siblings attempt to figure out where they’re parents have gone. 

The Wailing

Many people suggested the Korean film The Wailing which follows a policeman in a small town who investigates a series of murders and their connection to a mysterious illness that his daughter seems to have contracted.  

The Medium

The Medium is a Thai film that follows a documentary crew who travel to interview a medium who says that she is possessed by a local goddess.  


Mockumentaries clearly have some serious credibility in horror as the recent Taiwanese Netflix-released Incantation received several mentions as well. 

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