Delving into the Top 22 Horror Films Starring Spine-Tingling Children

There is something extra chilling about creepy little kids in movies. Maybe it's the way they feel sneaky or the way their innocence mixes with the sinister undertones.

No matter what, here are some of the best movies with creepy children.

The Good Son (1993)

The Good Son is a psychological thriller following a kid named Mark who stays with his aunt and uncle after the sudden passing of his mother. He meets his cousin Henry, whose sinister behavior turns evil and violent.

Orphan (2009)

Orphan is a psychological horror-thriller following a couple who adopt a psychotic nine-year-old (Isabelle Fuhrman) with an obscure past following the death of their unborn baby.

Children of The Corn (1984)

It's eerily quiet and devoid of adults. The children worship an evil entity and have ritualistically murdered them to ensure a fruitful corn harvest—super creepy creeperson.

The People Under The Stairs (1991)

The People Under the Stairs is a horror comedy following two robbers attempting to steal a collection of rare coins. However, they become stuck in the strange home with an eerie young boy.

Sinister (2012)

It's a supernatural horror following a struggling true-crime writer (Ethan Hawke) who discovers videos of gruesome murders in his family's new home. 

Joshua (2007)

Joshua is a psychological thriller following a child piano prodigy, Joshua (Jacob Kogan), and his parents, Brad (Sam Rockwell) and Abby (Vera Farmiga).

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