Actors Who Should Be Cast in the Next Mystery Ensemble Film

Recently, there has been a resurgence in the “murder mystery” ensemble film genre. These movies are always filled with intrigue, stellar casts, stylish design, sharp writing, and many twists and turns.

Upcoming, there is another Agatha Christie “Poirot” film in development, two Knives Out sequels coming (including one set fir release in December, 2022), and a sequel to Murder Mystery (also set to release in 2022).

With these films coming out soon, the movies yet to be made, and the possibility of more, one cannot help but imagine the potential casts of diverse and talented actors. Let's look at 40 actors (in alphabetical order) who would be perfect for one of the next murder mystery films.

Amy Adams

Whether Adams is the lead or supporting player, she always brings great depth to her roles — comedic, dramatic, or musical. In a mystery movie, she could play the likable heroine or subvert expectations and be the antagonist.

Shohreh Aghdashloo

With her deep, gravelly, and distinct voice, Aghdashloo would be a welcome and ideal addition to a murder mystery film in any role.

Hayley Atwell

Atwell can showcase warmth, tenacity, and tremendous strength in everything she plays while being more than capable of playing against type in a more villainous or shady kind of part.

Paul Bettany

His varied career, lanky stature, and smooth-as-silk voice prove that Bettany could fill any number of parts in a murder mystery movie, whether from the past or present.

Matt Bomer

Like a modern-day Cary Grant, Bomer is talented, charming, and unbelievably handsome, who slips into suits as easily as Neal Caffrey could forge a masterpiece painting.

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