Music NFTs Might Be Blockchain Craze of the Year

If there was any question that NFTs have made their way into the mainstream, electronic pop singer Kiesza has put them to rest.

The “Platinum-selling dance music artist” introduced her NFT collection on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but these are not just any digital collectibles.

They are a virtual band known as the Milkyway Pirates, and they have just proven that NFTs are an innovation that can steal the show.

The Milkyway Pirates gorillas, known as Fooboos, can be seen dancing while playing virtual guitar and keyboard behind Kiesza on Ellen's farewell season.

NFTs have been featured on talk shows before, like Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show. But until now, they've mainly been focused on art. The Milkyway Pirates have thrust NFTs into a new light before a mainstream audience of over a million viewers.

Much of the response on social media was positive, with fans cheering the performance and anticipating Kiesza's own NFT drop.


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