12 Musical Masterpieces From Start To Finish You Forgot About

Do you have a favorite album that plays cover-to-cover musical masterpieces?

Recently a Redditor inquired, “What music album is a true masterpiece from start to finish?” Reddit responded to deliver this top-voted list of front-to-back musical masterpieces.

One user said, “It's a song that can bring me to tears. And I'm totally 100% not that type of person.” Another user posted, “I can't help but cry when I listen to it – it's so bittersweet.”

The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi

One Redditor said, “‘Teardrop' gets a lot of attention and rightfully so, but ‘Angel' is absolute filth. One of the most atmospheric intros I've ever heard.”

Mezzanine by Massive Attack

One Redditor said, “Not to say you're incorrect, but this isn't the logical next step after Kind of Blue. Sketches of Spain couldn't be more different.”

Kind of Blue by Miles Davis

One Redditor posted, “Every time this question comes up, Lauryn Hill is always my answer. I love the album's progression and how each song tells a story about a specific part of her life. ‘Ex-Factor,' ‘To Zion,' and ‘Nothing Even Matters,' pretty much every song is amazing.”

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill by Lauryn Hill

Another Reddit user posted, “I’m sure everyone knows it, but it bears repeating how crazy the story behind this album is."

Rumours by Fleetwood Mac

"Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham were breaking up, Christine and John McVie were divorced, and they were all writing songs about it and making each other play and sing them. It should have been a terrible show. But, instead, it was magic.”

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