10 “Ego-Trippin'” Musicians With a God Complex

Some people believe they are gods among men. Unfortunately, this seems to be especially common in the music industry, where stars think highly of themselves. 

They even stand on literal pedestals when they're performing. A few of these celebrities are even bold enough to call themselves gods. 

Travis Scott

News on the rapper are not always positive. His most famous slip-up was his Astroworld concert incident, where he allegedly ignored pleas to stop. 10 fans died due to asphyxiation and 300 were injured. 

Kanye West

You don't have to be keeping up with pop-culture to know that Kanye West is the King of controversies. But based on how he portrays himself, that's not the only throne he owns. 


Drake is known for being charitable. The music video for “God's Plan” even shows shows him at his most philanthropic. But in a different light, one might say he was putting himself in a higher perspective and playing the God role. 

Chris Brown

u/HateYourFaces wrote, “I don’t get how after his documented domestic abuse, he’s still out their like nothing f—ing happened, somehow keeping himself famous.” 

Machine Gun Kelly

The rap feud between Machine Gun Kelly and rap legend Eminem is one of the most famous beefs in current rap history. Legend has it, Eminem is the reason Machine Gun Kelly stopped rapping. 

Jared Leto

Jared Leto's fan club is like a literal cult. They probably won't let him down even if he tries to step off his pedestal. 

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