Muslim to Atheist: Dress Modestly or Don't Attend To My Wedding

People are entitled to express themselves through their clothing choices as long as it does not cause any harm or disruption to society.  

It is reasonable to expect guests to adhere to a dress code appropriate for a religious event or ceremony in a religious building. Reddit user u/ModestyQuandry wants to know if she's wrong for telling her friend not to come to her wedding due to her dress choice.

The Scoop

OP, a 23-year-old Muslim woman, was excited to share her special day with her friends and family. She and her fiancé, a 25-year-old Muslim man, had found a mosque that could perform their nikah (religious marriage) and civil marriage.

They sent out invitations to their loved ones, including their close non-Muslim friends, requesting that all guests dress respectfully and be covered in accordance with the mosque's dress code.

However, one friend, Ellie, refused the dress code, becoming increasingly aggressive in her response. Ellie insisted that she would wear whatever she wanted, regardless of the dress code. OP tried to explain the importance of the dress code and respecting the mosque as a place of worship, but Ellie wouldn't have it.

Ellie sent OP a message, telling her that she would wear what she liked and that OP would have to deal with it. OP found herself in a difficult position. She didn't want to exclude her friend from her wedding, but she also didn't want to compromise her own values or the sanctity of the mosque.

OP wrote her a message, saying, “Ellie, I can't make you dress appropriately, but if you don't, then you can't come to the wedding.”

An Ultimatum

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