Must-Watch Doctor Who Christmas Special

In a galaxy of nerdy programming, one franchise has the market made on holiday specials and that's Doctor Who

Doctor Who remains as beloved a contribution to pop culture today as it had in when it first debuted in 1963. 

With Christmas right around the corner, we thought we’d look back at some of the best  Doctor Who specials that you can watch right now in preparation for the upcoming holiday. 

“The Snowmen”

It delivers an entertaining enough episode that introduced a plot thread that would figure heavily into the next season. 

“The Next Doctor”

The most interesting aspect of the special comes from whether Morrisey’s Doctor is indeed the future successor to the title role of the show or not. 

“The Time of the Doctor”

In what would be Smith’s fourth and final Christmas special, the Doctor arrives on the planet Trenzalore, a planet that—according to ancient prophecies—he’s destined to meet his end.