The Scariest Mythical Creatures From Each of America’s 50 States

From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the blue waters of the Great Lakes, these vast and mysterious areas are home to more than just wildlife.

From local versions of the Loch Ness Monsters to indigenous tales told to children to keep them from wandering off, here are the Creepiest Mythical Creatures from Each State in America.

Alabama’s Wolf Woman of Mobile

In early April of 1971, 50 people reported seeing a half-wolf, half-women creature in the marshes of Mobile. Some said she escaped from the circus and one witness even said she chased them home.

Connecticut’s Connie

First reported in The New York Times in 1886, two men spotted a creature with a black head as large as a barrel with eyes as big as plates. They estimated the beast to be 100 feet long.

Illinois’s The Cole Hollow Road Monster

Three hours outside of Chicago lives a seven-foot-tall 200-pound ape with long hair. Cohomo, as locals call him, was first spotted in the 1970s and as recently as 2000.

Iowa’s Mugwump

Long before Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Harry Potter, Iowans have used the term to describe a giant hairy beast living in a swampy marsh in Venture, Iowa.

Mississippi’s Three-legged Ghost

People travel to an old church on Nash Road to race the ghost. See for yourself what happens when you turn off your car’s headlights and honk your horn three times.

New Jersey’s Devil

For more than 250 years, this mysterious creature is said to creep through the marshes of Southern New Jersey and emerge periodically to rampage through the towns and cities.

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