10 Myths About the Jedi Order That Simply Aren’t True

The tragedy of the Jedi is greater than simply their mass genocide at the hands of one of their own. It's also heartbreaking to see how their work, lives, and love is erased from the galaxy.

As part of his rise to power, Emperor Palpatine vilifies the Jedi, turning the galaxy against them so that there is nowhere safe, nowhere sacred.

Here are ten myths about the Jedi Order that Palpatine would like you to believe but which are simply not true.

While training to become a Jedi knight does begin at a young age, they do not steal them from their parents. This vicious rumor originally started as a piece of Separatist propaganda.

The Jedi Are Baby Snatchers

The tragedy of Anakin's life is that, while there were many mitigating factors, ultimately, he was the only one responsible for his fall. He made a choice and continued to make a choice. George Lucas explains that Anakin's problem is, in fact, his greed.

The Order (And Obi-wan) Failed Anakin

Relationships are not forbidden. The truth is, the Jedi depend on their bonds to each other. Masters spend years training their padawans, raising them from childhood to become fully-fledged knights.

Relationships Are Forbidden

First, it's not entirely sure that the Jedi even worship the Force. They listen to it and try to follow its will, but do they pray to it? Do they make sacrifices or give offerings to it? There is, instead, a significant lack of divinity placed upon the Force.

The Order Was a Cult

Part of being a Jedi is knowing yourself sincerely and honestly. It's possible that the Order celebrated those who quit for having the strength to leave everything they knew behind.

Those Who Leave the Jedi Are Disgraced

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