Neal Adams’ Most Influential Comics

Legendary comic book artist Neal Adams has died. He inspired and trained a generation of new artists to be better and more productive, and fought for the rights of comics creators to be paid fairly and to own the characters they created.

But he also drew and often co-wrote some of the most iconic storylines for Batman, Green Lantern, the X-Men, and Avengers, many of which still resonate today and inspired many of the cooler on-screen visuals and storylines in recent movies.

DC's Strange Adventures #206-216: “An Eye for an Eye”

Adams got to fully flesh out the character of Deadman/Boston Brand, an acrobat who died and then was “resurrected” by the Hindu goddess, Rama Kushna, who gave his spirit the power to possess any living being.

Superman vs Muhammed Ali

The once and future heavyweight champion of the world agrees to an alien demand that he fight a depowered Superman to prove who is truly the greatest of them all.

The Avengers #89–97: The Kree-Skrull War

It would manage to connect many of the Marvel characters, foreshadowing the huge crossover events that Marvel would later be known for.

Detective Comics #400: “Challenge of The Man-Bat!”

Years later in Secret Origins, Langstrom became a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, and it was he who had fallen into a cave of bats below Gotham – that later would inspire such scenes for Batman’s origins in the comics and Nolan’s films.

(Uncanny) X-Men #56-66: Havok, Sauron and Resurrections Galore

Years later, Chris Claremont would cite Adams and Thomas’ run on the series as the inspiration for his epic run on the X-men comics.

Green Lantern (co-starring Green Arrow) #76-89: “In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night…”

While the 14 issues produced some of the most famous GL storylines – two of which made this list separately, the book was canceled put on hiatus for 4 years.

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