Worried About Losing Your Tech Job?

Six Financial Pros Offer Tips for Uncertain Times

With more technology companies announcing new rounds of staff reductions each week, many employees working for these once high-flying companies now fear their jobs could be at risk.

First, feeling nervous is not just natural, it’s helpful. It makes you stop and consider what you may need to do differently to protect yourself and your family from growing risks.

If you’re concerned your employer may be getting ready to reduce staff and wondering if your job might end up on the chopping block, there are many things you can do now to reduce your risk and mitigate the impacts of getting let go if that risk becomes an unhappy reality.

“Keep Your Powder Dry”

Tech workers need to revisit their personal budgets and make sure they have enough cash reserves to weather a transition time before a new job. Don’t be in a position where you feel financially forced to take a job you don’t like.

In our current context, that means you need to keep your professional skills up to date and look for opportunities to learn and train in new (relevant) skills.

“Sharpen the Saw”

Network Proactively

Build your network before you need it. Aim to connect with at least three professionals in your industry every week. Comment on their posts and build rapport. If you need to look for new opportunities, established relationships are crucial.

A lot of networking and hiring happens on LinkedIn, and a great profile can really help you stand out if you’re looking for opportunities. Write a compelling introduction that highlights your strengths and value.

Use LinkedIn Like a Pro

Gather proof you were an asset to your company by making copies of samples of your work, projects that you have completed, and emails that praised you.

Proactive Preparation

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