12 Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows Longer than 4 Seasons

Redditor u/DangerousStarSeeker recently stated, “My mom (F60) and I (F22) love to watch Netflix together. We make popcorn and have a movie night at least once a week.”

She elaborated, “Watching shows together is the only way we know how to bond. It gives us things to discuss. We loved iZombie, Grey's Anatomy, and Orange is the New Black.”

Finally, she expressed, “I am looking for another long series for us to watch. I want one that is complete.” Check out Reddits' suggestions for completed shows on Netflix, with many seasons for optimal long-time binging.

Unironically, the internet ignored the Netflix disclaimer and voted Suits as the number one show with lengthy binge potential. However, it is available on Amazon Prime and Peacock (PC). So we've noted it as a popular series.

Suits (9 Seasons)

Redditor Bright-Feature agreed with the nomination for House of Cards, stating, “Great show season 6 is so bad I skipped it. No Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), no House of Cards for me.” A couple of others agreed with that sentiment.

House of Cards (6 Seasons)

Redditor Katana_sized_banana nominated the third place victor, Better Call Saul (together) with Breaking Bad. TheSentientPurpleGoo added, “And make sure to watch Breaking Bad first- it's a much richer viewing experience that way.”

Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul (11 Seasons Together)

Redditor microtoasted instructed, “When you watch, lemme know who you found more attractive, Dean (Jensen Ackles) or Sam (Jared Padalecki). When I watched, I liked Sam more, but in later seasons, Dean became more attractive.”

Supernatural (15 Seasons)

Redditor anabrnad informed, “It has six seasons and a movie.” Ko0pa_Tro0pa said, “A second vote for Community. It is both hilarious and creative. Parks & Rec is also a great comedy option if it is still on Netflix (It's on PC in the US).”

Community (6 Seasons)

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