New Silent Hill Game Likely in the Works, Series Composer Says New Project Is ‘the One You’ve Been Hoping To Hear About’

It seems a new Silent Hill is likely in development, if statements made by series composer, Akira Yamaoka are to be believed. 

During a recent Al Hub interview, Yamaoka said the next project is “the one you've been hoping to hear about.”

Though, the interview video has been pulled, but luckily publication PSU was able to quickly get a transcription of it before it was taken down. 

According to Al Hub, they were “asked to remove the clip,” but it's unclear why or what the circumstances around the request were. 

Nonetheless, this statement by Yamaoka is a good indication of what's to come — and though a new Silent Hill wasn't outright confirmed — it was heavily implied. 

If this project is a new Silent Hill game, it's unclear whether it will be a sequel, reboot, or remake — but either way, fans have been excited for a new entry in the series.