13 Things To Do To Start the New Year Off Right

Let’s kick off 2022 the right way with some of the best things you can do to start the New Year feeling motivated, organized, and ready to rock. 

This list is more than just setting New Year resolutions; they’re steps and habits that will change your mindset and leave you feeling ready to tackle what 2022 has in store. 

Create a Vision Board

“Creating a vision board allows you to see your goals every day so that you stay positive and you take inspired action each and every day,” says Victoria from Motherhood Life Balance. “Place your vision board on your phone, your laptop, and your tablet so you’re always reminded of where you want to go.” 

Make Time for Self Care

“We’ve all had a rough year with Covid, so why not start the year off right with some self-care? It’s so important to treat and take care of ourselves, especially during these hard times,” says Binet from Beauty on 44th Street. 

Write Out Your Goals

“Start the new year off right by writing down your goal.  Whether it’s saving enough money for a down payment of a new car or simply keeping your kitchen counter clean, writing down your goal will create a path for your brain to make it happen,” says Noreen from Our Two Family. 

Let Go of Last Year

“The act of starting fresh will be useless and will only fall into the category of clichés if we don't work on it the right way,” says Clyde from What Blogs Her Mind.