5 Phrases To Ensure You Aren’t Overlooked During The Next Review Cycle

You want that promotion. You want to be recognized. You want to feel valued.

This is true every day, but when performance review time rolls around, it becomes all the more important. How do you ensure that your manager notes your hard work during the next review? Try these five phrases.

By contributing ideas of value, you will make certain your colleagues and managers sit up and take notice. Even if the business doesn’t end up using all – or even any – of your ideas, you’re still helping out by brainstorming and getting the juices flowing.

“I Have an Idea.”

Taking care of projects and tasks — particularly the tedious ones that present a burden to others — without fanfare is a way to demonstrate that you’re a team player who is willing to go above and beyond.

“I’ll Handle It.”

You might be tempted to ask “How can I help?” and that’s perfectly fine. But if you have concrete suggestions for how to lend a hand, that’s even better.

“I Can Help By…”

Praising others and recognizing their efforts is part of teamwork. It’s important to be a good colleague and support your coworkers. You’re showing that you have confidence in yourself AND your team members, and others will certainly appreciate your words.

“[Coworker] Did Such a Great Job.”

Remember: if you seem to be in it for yourself, that won’t get you very far, and you’ll come across as a poor colleague.

Let your manager and team know that you want to have more responsibility by saying so! Your boss may not even realize that you’re eager to take on more complex work and lead projects, so it’s your job to make it clear.

“I’m Eager To Take On X Responsibilities.”

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