Digital Artist: ‘Andy Warhol Would Be All for NFTs’

Adam Rattigan is a graduate of De Montfort University in the U.K. with a degree in fine art. 

He is also the founder of MunchiesNFT, a digital collection that fuses the paintings of dozens of the greats — like Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Vincent van Gogh — into NFTs. Rattigan explained, 

He took some time alongside Munchies co-founder Adrian Au to speak to Wealth of Geeks about the project's success. 

WOG: How did you stumble into crypto? 

"I was going to popular fairs and events in London, for art as well. That brought me into the NFT world."

"I was interested in the fact that the power came back to the creator. First, I was interested in the art aspect, and then the crypto aspect came after."