NFT Insurance is Coming to the Metaverse

We’ve seen NFTs in gaming, virtual avatars, virtual art, and art galleries, and now, thanks to a top U.S. wealth management firm and insurance broker, virtual insurance will soon be coming to the metaverse. 

IMA Financial Group has announced its plans to enter the metaverse, offering NFT insurance.  

As an integrated financial services company, IMA Financial Group focuses on client asset protection through insurance and wealth management solutions. 

It will expand its services into the metaverse through Decentraland, a leading 3D virtual world built on blockchain.

Senior VP of Marketing at IMA Justin Jacobs shared the firm’s reasons for the move. He described the rapid and promising development of the multibillion-dollar NFT market. 

IMA’s new Decentraland project is Web3Labs, named after the term Web3 or 3.0, the next phase of the worldwide web, defined by decentralization and blockchain. 


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