NFTs Poised for Smart Upgrade in Gaming Push Story

NFTs were barely a blip on the radar about a year ago, and now they have grown into a $41 billion market opportunity.

In addition to art, gaming is one of the primary use cases for non-fungible tokens. And despite a reluctance among some, the gaming industry is already helping shape the next chapter of digital collectibles.

NFT gaming platform Balthazar surveyed over 1,100 members of its Discord community from the Philippines.

The project found that 32% of participants would leave their jobs or think about doing so if they could play NFT games as their full-time gig.

Not all of these users have even played NFT games before. Nevertheless, they do have standards. Before quitting their jobs, the Filipino gamers have the following requests:

– 65% need to earn at least $42 per day – 55% would need to earn between $1-$20 per day – Survey participants currently earn an average monthly salary of $316


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