Nothing Is Off-Limits to Riverdale (or Is It Rivervale?)

Riverdale has repeatedly gone well out of its way to assure viewers that nothing is off-limits. 

This series has always been delightfully off-the-rails and there’s no end in sight. 

It might not come as a huge surprise to loyal viewers that after the time jump of season five, Riverdale’s sixth season has fully leaned into the weird by switching the name to Rivervale.

The season showcases Jughead Jones as a Rod Serling style announcer, and kicked things off by unceremoniously murdering Archie Andrews in a ritual fertility sacrifice. 

With all of that packed into the first episode, this season promises to be extra weird, even by Riverdale standards. 

Episode one opened on Jughead Jones introducing the audience to Rivervale, assuring us that whatever happens over the next many episodes will not necessarily be congruent to previous or following seasons.