24 Novels That Expose The Terrifying Realities of Secret Sects

Eyes Wide Shut:

Cults are simultaneously disturbing and captivating. The concept of a group of people falling into a delusion together and following a charismatic leader literally to their death will always be a point of interest among humans.

If you’re intrigued and captivated by cult stories like I am, whether real or fictional, dive into these 24 books about cults.

Last Days by Adam Nevill

It’s a functional novel about a young filmmaker who finds himself broke and in need of a job. He’s hired to make a documentary about the cult The Temple of the Last Days, which leads him down a dark and sinister path.

The Reddening by Adam Nevill

It’s about two women who go to a rural area where visitors are not welcome, and they fall into a dark world of murder and supernatural forces.

Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk

It tells the story of the Creedish Cult, which forces its members to be servants of the human race, basically making them indentured butlers and maids.

Little Heaven by Craig Davidson

The writing is captivating and bold, telling the story of three mercenaries hired to rescue a young man who has gone missing. The three find a cult at the center of the strange happenings and head down a dark path.

The History of Cults by Robert Schroëder

The fictional cult stories on this list are terrifying and entertaining, but this book gives you the terrifyingly true stories of real cults.

Last Days by Brian Evenson

This one by Brian Everson is a detective novel that explores an underground religious cult. It’s an intense and disturbing book that will leave you scarred.

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