9 Best Odd Jobs You Didn’t Know About

Flavorists create new flavors for various industries, such as food, beverages, and cosmetics. 

1. Flavorist

2. Ethical Hacker

With a background in computer science or cybersecurity, ethical hackers identify and fix vulnerabilities in computer systems. 

3. Technical Writer

Technical writers create user manuals, product descriptions, and other technical documentation. The pay for this job is typically higher than the U.S. median, and job growth is projected to be stable.

4. Funeral Director

Funeral directors manage funeral arrangements, handle paperwork, and support grieving families. 

5. Air Traffic Controller

This high-pressure job requires specialized training from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), along with passing rigorous tests. 

6. Court Reporter

Formal education for court reporters may vary, but most complete a recognized court reporting program and obtain certification. 

7. Elevator Technician

Elevator technicians install, maintain, and repair elevators, ensuring their proper functioning. This occupation often requires an apprenticeship program or vocational elevator maintenance and repair training.  

8. Optician

Opticians typically complete a one-year to two-year program in opticianry and may also need state licensure. They assist customers in selecting and fitting eyeglasses or contact lenses.

9. Costume Designer

While a formal degree in costume design or fashion is beneficial, some may obtain relevant experience or complete specialized courses. The pay for this creative job exceeds the U.S. median wage, and job growth is projected to be stable.