Ohio Theme Parks Offer Unforgettable Fun for The Whole Family


Ohio is a great place to visit for fun and adventure.  

Whether you love roller coasters or more tranquil experiences like zip-lining through treetops, Ohio has plenty of attractions that will make your stay unforgettable. These theme parks offer an array of thrilling rides, games, live events, and incredible dining to round off your visit.

The Best Theme Parks in Ohio

You'll find indoor roller skating, a laser maze, VR gaming, an XD 4D theater, bounce houses, and a play area. The real draw, though, is the haunted house, filled with creepy animatronics and special effects.

Ghostly Manor Thrill Center

They also have an escape room for anyone who loves a good challenge. Come as a pair or group, and you'll be tasked with solving puzzles to unlock clues and find your way out.

Welcome to the world of LEGO! It is one of the best places to take your kids to in Ohio. Located in Columbus, LEGOLAND Discovery Center is an indoor theme park that offers LEGO-themed rides, interactive games, and activities.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center

There are loads of LEGO structures scattered around the kids' center, but how about building LEGO creations? The model builder workshop teaches kids to express creativity by building brilliant models made of LEGO bricks.

Fun ‘n' Stuff is the family theme park to visit if you want a blend of indoor and outdoor attractions. This Macedonia-based park offers go-karts, mini golf, batting cages, and other outdoor activities for all ages.

Fun ‘n' Stuff

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